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Building Blocks of Science® A New Generation: Changing Earth Unit Kit

Item # 515101 Exclusive

Grade 4. In the unit, students learn how the distinct features of Earth came to be. The unit kit for Changing Earth includes a Teacher’s Guide and enough supplies and apparatus for a class of up to 30 students.



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Grade 4. The Changing Earth Unit Kit includes a Teacher’s Guide and enough supplies and apparatus for a class of up to 30 students. During the unit, students explore how the distinct features of Earth came to be. Through purposeful exploration, students recognize the causes of events—such as earthquakes, volcanoes, and the movement of the continents—that shape the earth’s surface. They investigate how the tectonic plates of the earth’s solid crust move around on top of the molten rock of the mantle below by manipulating objects with similar properties. Students explore the processes of the rock cycle to develop an understanding of how sedimentary rock leaves a record of the sequence in the relative age of the rock layers. Students also have opportunities to observe the long-term effects of wind and water erosion and deposits of sediment by investigating the movement of a steady stream of water in a stream table. In a final culminating activity, students combine the information they have learned with their natural engineering skills to design a model of a world that has landforms that are formed by the same processes as those that shape Earth.

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Components Qty Included?
BBS Teacher’s Guide, Changing Earth 1 Included
Map, Relief, United States 1 Included
Bowl, Sorting, Plastic 12 Included
Tank, Plastic, 1-1/2 gal, with Hole 8 Included
Pan, Fluted, Plastic, 20 x 16 x 7 cm 8 Included
Bag, Plastic, Resealable, 12 x 15” 10 Included
Marble, Opaque, Blue 40 Included
Marker, Permanent, Fine, Black 8 Included
Pad, Cardboard, 8-1/2 x 11” 16 Included
Spreader, Plaster, Plastic 8 Included
Map, World, Changing Earth 8 Included
Cup, Plastic, Squat, 9 oz 25 Included
Collection, Introduction to Rocks 8 Included
Foil, Aluminum, 25 ft, Roll 1 Included
Wrap, Plastic, Extra-Wide 1 Included
Stopper, Rubber, #00, Solid 8 Included
Pad, Absorbent, Small 16 Included
Cup, with 1 Small Hole, Plastic, 9 oz 8 Included
Velcro®, Loop, 2 x 8” 2 Included
Velcro®, Hook, 2 x 8” 2 Included
Soil, Clay, Red, 8 lb 2 Included
Dough, Crayola®, Green, 3 lb 2 Included
Cast & Paint™ Perfect Cast™, 2 lb 1 Included
Sand, White, #70, 3 lb 3 Included
Shortening, Vegetable, 6 lb 1 Included
Toothpick, Flat 750 Included
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