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Building Blocks of Science® A New Generation: Ecosystem Diversity Unit Kit

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Grade 2. Ecosystem Diversity challenges students to compare habitats and consider basic needs of living things. Throughout the unit, students populate habitat posters with organism decals, reinforcing the idea that all living things have the same basic needs. Students also plant seeds, observe tadpoles, experiment with models, and put on a play about seed dispersal. Finally, groups create and populate their own habitat posters and justify whether the organisms pictured would be able to survive there.



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Grade 2. In Ecosystem Diversity, students compare diverse habitats and consider the basic needs of various species of living things. The unit begins with an informal pre-assessment in which students brainstorm living and non-living things. Then, the class assembles a set of 6 habitat puzzle posters representing different climates. Throughout the unit, students populate the posters with different types of organisms, reinforcing the idea that all living things have the same basic needs, even though their characteristics can be very unique.

As students populate the habitat posters with decals representing living things, they develop a deeper understanding of plants, mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians, insects, and fish.

Students plant seeds, observe tadpoles, and experiment with models that represent different animal structures, including bones, fur and hair, feathers, exoskeletons, and blubber. Students even put on a play that explores how animals assist in seed dispersal.

At the end of the unit, student groups work collaboratively to create and populate their own habitat puzzle posters. Then, using a poster designed by another group, students independently justify whether the organisms pictured would be able to survive in the habitat based on what they have learned about the plants and animals that inhabit each specific ecosystem.

The unit kit for Ecosystem Diversity includes a Teacher’s Guide (item #514402), a prepaid coupon for living materials, and enough supplies and apparatus to teach the unit to a class of up to 24 students.

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This item includes a prepaid coupon for living or perishable materials (all items). Redeem the coupon for delivery of these materials at your convenience at www.carolina.com/livingform, by phone at 800.334.5551, or by fax at 800.222.7112.

Components Qty Included?
Aquatic Plant 1 Included
Tadpoles 2 Included
Net, Aquarium Dip, 3” 1 Included
Balloon, Round, Assorted, 11” 12 Included
Bookend, with Nonslip Base 6 Included
Conditioner, Tap Water 1 Included
Clamp Lamp with Reflector 3 Included
Light Bulb, 72 W, Economy, Soft White 4 Included
Cup, Plastic, 9 oz 64 Included
Tank, Plastic, 1-1/2 gal 6 Included
Honeybee, Dried, Pack 1 Included
Lens, Hand 30 Included
Pump, Inflating 1 Included
Lady Bug Life Cycle Stages 6 Included
Seed, Lima Bush Bean, 1/2 lb 1 Included
Label, Round, Liquid Crystal, 1” 50 Included
Feathers, All-Purpose 12 Included
Glove, Disposable, Small 100 Included
Ball, Ping-Pong® 48 Included
Tank, Plastic, 1 gal 1 Included
Lid, Plastic, for Tank, 1 gal 1 Included
Bag, Plastic, Resealable, 3 x 4” 16 Included
Bag, Plastic, Resealable, 6 x 9” 70 Included
Decal Sheets, Ecosystem Diversity 11 Included
Sprayer, Plant Mister 3 Included
Bottle, Plant Mister 3 Included
Thermometer, Metal, Immersion 24 Included
Ball, Cotton 600 Included
Pebbles, Waterworn, Bag 1 Included
Mix, Potting, 2 lb 1 Included
Tadpole Food 1 Included
Shortening, Vegetable, 6 lb 1 Included
Ultra-Velcro® Hook, 2” x 25 yd, Roll 1 Included
Vinegar, White, Pint 2 Included
Container, Green, King 1 Included
Teacher’s Guide 1 Included
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