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Carolina Beyond the Tape™: Golden River Heist Interdisciplinary Kit

Item # 211820

Grade 9-College. Students have the opportunity to use concepts from physics, chemistry, and biology to help solve a fictional crime. Using deductive reasoning and scientific methodology, students process evidence from the crime scene and integrate concepts such as data analysis and scientific writing to help build a compelling case.



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Grade 9-College. Students stay engaged throughout this investigation as they use concepts from physics, chemistry, and biology to help solve a crime. Crooks thought they'd pulled off the perfect crime, emptying the local bank's vault and apparently floating away down the river with the looted gold bricks. But they didn’t count on a crack team of forensic investigators following hot on their trail. Your students become that team, jumping into the role of forensic scientists working to help "police" solve the fictional crime. Using deductive reasoning and scientific methodology, students process evidence from the crime scene and integrate concepts--such as data analysis and scientific writing--to help build a compelling case.

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Components Qty Included?
Boats, Plastic 2 Included
Tank, Plastic, 1-1/2 gal 2 Included
Washers, Steel 300 Included
Wet-Erase Markers 2 Included
Single-Hole Punches 2 Included
Pipets, Disposable 2 Included
Methanol, 30 mL 2 Included
Tubes, Plastic 8 Included
Capillary Tubes, Vial 1 Included
Ink Pens (2 each of 3 types) 6 Included
Rulers 4 Included
Chromatography Paper 60 Included
Diphenylamine Redox Indicator, 5 mL 1 Included
Sodium Rhodizonate 1 Included
0.05 M Lead Nitrate, 5 mL 1 Included
0.01 M Ammonium Nitrate Solution, 5 mL 1 Included
0.05 M Lead Acetate, 5 mL 1 Included
Weigh Boats 60 Included
Forceps 2 Included
Hair Evidence 1 Included
Crime Evidence Envelopes 12 Included
Microscope Slides 72 Included
Microscope Cover S+B670lips 100 Included
Reference Slide Sets 2 Included
Magnetic Karyotyping Sets 2 Included
Plastic Containers with Lids 2 Included
Teacher's Manual with Reproducible Student Guide 1 Included
Microscopes, 100-400x 2 Needed, Not Included
Balance (accurate to 0.1 g) 1 Needed, Not Included
Pencils 2 Needed, Not Included
Spot Plates 2 Needed, Not Included
Plain White Paper 2 Needed, Not Included
Calculators 4 Needed, Not Included
Test Tube Racks 2 Needed, Not Included
Paper Towels Needed, Not Included
Tap Water Needed, Not Included
Scissors Needed, Not Included
Sheet Protectors (optional) Needed, Not Included

Carolina Beyond the Tape™

Introducing Carolina Beyond the Tape™—Forensic science for the way you teach

The Carolina Beyond the Tape™ kit series offers a fresh take on forensics for biology, chemistry, and physics

Immerse your classroom in a fictitious case as your students play the role of forensic lab technicians and attempt to piece together the evidence and help police solve the crime. Each kit is designed with engaging activities that place students in cases with alluring stories, crime scene reports, and realistic evidence-handling techniques. You’ll pique students’ interest in science while building their teamwork, deductive reasoning, and writing skills. Most important, the kit activities help you meet national standards while seamlessly integrating forensic science into your biology, chemistry, or physics curriculum. If you want to take an investigation to the next level, choose the interdisciplinary kit, which combines all 3 disciplines into 1 comprehensive forensic investigation. Incorporating forensics into your classroom has never been easier, so get ready to take your class beyond the tape.

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