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Mountain View College Chemistry 1406 Lab Kit

Item # 581559 Online Only Exclusive

This kit includes equipment and materials for 12 investigations.



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This kit includes equipment and materials for 12 investigations.

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Components Qty Included?
Safety Set 1 Included
Equipment Set 1 Included
Modeling Set 1 Included
Chemical set 1 and 2 1 Included
Exploring Density Exploring Physical and Chemical Changes 1 Included
Introduction to Molecules: a Molecular Bonding and Shapes Investigation 1 Included
Engineering a Better Airbag: a Stoichiometry and Gas Laws Investigation 1 Included
Balancing Chemical Equations 1 Included
Investigating Chemical Reactions 1 Included
The Fundamentals of Calorimetry 1 Included
Periodicity and the Periodic Table 1 Included
Characteristics of a buffered solution 1 Included
Atomic Emission and Flame Test 1 Included
Saponification of Fatty Acids 1 Included
Measurement and Uncertainty 1 Included
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