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3B® Animal Cell Meiosis Model Set

Item # 561613

Magnified approximately 10,000x. Individual detailed models show the 10 typical stages of animal cell meiosis. All models are magnetic and the set comes with a durable plastic display base. Base size, 40 x 60 cm.



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Use this colorful magnetic model set to teach your students meiosis. Its 10 individual models are approximately 10,000 times the size of an actual animal cell to clearly depict the phases of meiosis. Each phase is painted using the colors of common microscopy stains. This helps students easily relate the models to examples seen under a microscope. The models are magnetic, allowing you to stick them to a whiteboard or other magnetic surface in your classroom. When the lesson is complete, simply stick them back on their durable display base. The base can be placed on a tabletop or hung from a wall while not in use. Base size, 40 x 60 cm.

The following phases of mitosis are depicted: interphase (stage of G1-phase); prophase I (leptotene); prophase I (zygotene and pachytene); prophase I (diplotene); prophase I (diakinesis); metaphase I; anaphase I; telophase I, cytokinesis I, interkinesis, prophase II, and metaphase II; anaphase II; telophase II, and cytokinesis II.

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