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blueGel™ Integrated Electrophoresis and Visualization System

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Integrating electrophoresis and DNA visualization into 1 system, the user-friendly blueGel™ is safe, produces rapid results, and travels light. The blueGel™ Bundle (item #213910) includes 4 complete blueGel™ systems.

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Making biotechnology a personal experience
This innovative unit integrates electrophoresis and DNA visualization into 1 convenient system. The blueGel™ produces rapid results, allowing you to visualize DNA instantly by turning on the safe blue LED light. Other unique safety features include the use of safe green DNA dyes, low-voltage power supply, and automatic current shut-off when cover is removed. The error-proof load feature allows the electrodes to fit only in the correct orientation—never run a gel backwards again! The user-friendly casting system eliminates leaks and uses up to 10x less reagent. The combs stow away for easy storage, and their configuration accommodates 9 to 26 wells per gel. Document results using any smart device or camera. The blueGel™ Bundle (item #213910) includes 4 complete blueGel™ systems.


  • Gel electrophoresis unit with built-in transilluminator
  • Casting system with integrated comb holder
  • Seamless polycarbonate ABS injection-molded parts
  • Platinum and stainless-steel electrodes
  • High-intensity blue LED illuminator panel
  • Two-button operation: one for Run, one for Light

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