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Reinventing Edison: Build Your Own Light Bulb Kit

Item # 751214

Watch an ordinary pencil lead glow to incandescence! Excite and engage makers of all ages as they use the included safety vacuum chamber and supplied filaments to re-create the experiments that led to development of the first real light bulb. Cover electricity, circuits, properties of matter, energy, and more. Includes instructions. Two 6-V alkaline lantern batteries are needed but not supplied.



In stock and available to ship.

Build your own working light bulb using the included safety vacuum chamber and a number of different filament materials (tungsten, nichrome, brass, copper, and iron wire, plus a pencil lead). The full-color instruction manual has qualitative and quantitative experiments. Experiments include:

  • Your First Working Light Bulb
  • Experimenting with the Vacuum
  • Experimenting with Different Filaments
  • Quantitative Experiments (data tables)
  • History of the Light Bulb

Experiments align with the Next Generation Science Standards, National Science Educational Standards, and Standards for Technological Literacy. This kit is a great way to teach STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) concepts while integrating history and an appreciation of invention.

Concepts taught by this science kit:

  • Electricity and circuits (uses and effects)
  • Light (light intensity, spectral emissions)
  • Properties of matter (change)
  • Energy (electricity to light and heat)
  • Air pressure (how a pump works)
  • The scientific method
  • History of the light bulb (Edison and Swan)
  • Invention and the inventive process

Two 6-V alkaline lantern batteries are needed but not supplied. Note: To get results, the lantern batteries must be alkaline. Carbon-zinc batteries have a higher internal resistance and will not provide enough current to make the light bulb glow.

Components Qty Included?
Safety Vacuum Chamber 1 Included
Hand Vacuum Pump 1 Included
Test Leads 2 Included
Filament Materials 6 Included
Instruction Manual 1 Included
Alkaline Lantern Battery, 6 V 2 Needed, Not Included

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