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Brownlee Apparatus Set, Without Jar

Item # 757502

Quickly set up and demonstrate electrolysis, passing current through a solution to drive a non-spontaneous reaction. A non-conductive support securely holds 2 inverted 150 x 20-mm gas collection tubes and has 2 attached insulated platinum electrodes. The support rests on a battery jar or beaker (not included). Includes instructions.



In stock and available to ship.

The electrolysis of water demonstration allows students to visually confirm the 2:1 ratio of hydrogen to oxygen in the water molecule. Upon completion, stopper the test tubes to collect the gas, then perform the classic splint tests for hydrogen and oxygen to further verify their identity. This set includes 1 pair of 150 x 20-mm graduated test tubes, 1 pair of unmarked test tubes, 1 set of rubber stoppers, and instructions. Needed but not supplied: battery jar or 1-L beaker and 6-V battery or 10-V DC power supply.

Components Qty Included?
Brownlee's Electrolysis Apparatus 1 Included
Solid Rubber Stoppers 2 Included
Test Tubes, 150 x 20 mm 2 Included
Test Tubes, Graduated, 150 x 20 mm 2 Included
Teacher Instructions 1 Included
Battery Jar or 1-L Beaker 1 Needed, Not Included
6-V Battery or 10-V DC Power Supply 1 Needed, Not Included

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