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Systems of the Human Body II: Providing Fuel and Transportation, Single User

Item # 396066

Providing Fuel and Transportation is a multimedia, interactive science lesson designed for multisensory learning and perfect for interactive whiteboards. It addresses the following: food and nutrients, digestive system, respiratory system, and circulatory and excretory systems. Also includes a Virtual Lab Investigation, "Simulating the Digestive Process," where students experiment, perform simulations, and draw conclusions. Grades 6-12. Single user.



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Grades 6-12. This software contains a multimedia lesson and activities. Designed for multisensory learning, it's the perfect classroom resource for interactive whiteboards. It's also ideal for individual student instruction on any Windows® or Macintosh®-compatible computer.

Key Features:
Virtual Lab Investigation - "Simulating the Digestive Process" Students experiment, perform simulations, and draw conclusions
Custom Tool Bar - Users customize the lesson as they draw, write, and add arrows and text blocks to any screen.

Topics Include:

  • Food and nutrients
  • Fuel from food: Digestive system
  • The need for oxygen: Respiratory system
  • Transporting fuel and waste: Circulatory and excretory systems

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