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Carolina STEM Challenge®: Keep It Hot Kit

Item # 750054 Exclusive

Grades 6–12. Imagine a world where polystyrene foam cannot be used for disposable food and drink containers. Design teams are faced with this challenge as they combine biodegradable materials and a paper cup to create a system that outperforms a single foam cup. Kit materials support 15 pairs of students. Instructions are included.



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Grades 6–12. In this design challenge, student teams combine biodegradable materials and a paper cup to create a system that outperforms a single polystyrene foam cup.

Expand this lesson by:

  • Using probeware and/or graphing software for data collection and analysis
  • Investigating how spacecraft are protected during reentry into the earth’s atmosphere (space science connection)
  • Deciding the winner based on the slope of the temperature graphs for each type of insulation; the smallest slope wins (ideal for students with a strong knowledge of basic algebra)

This kit activity helps you teach the following Next Generation Science Standards:

  • PS1.A: Structure and Properties of Matter
  • PS3.A: Definitions of Energy
  • PS3.B: Conservation of Energy and Energy Transfer
  • ETS2.B: Influence of Engineering, Technology and Science on Society and Natural World

Kit materials support 15 pairs of students and include instructions.

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Components Qty Included?
Cardboard Boxes 15 Included
Paper Cups, 8 oz 20 Included
Foam Cups, 8 oz 15 Included
Lid for Foam Cups, 8 oz 20 Included
Cotton Balls 1,500 Included
White Rice, 14 oz 5 Included
Sand, 5 lb 1 Included
Circular Hook Fasteners 100 Included
Circular Loop Fasteners 100 Included
Digital Resource Instruction Card 1 Included
Teacher's Manual with Reproducible Student Guide 1 Included
Graduated Cylinders, 100 mL 15 Needed, Not Included
Thermometers 15 Needed, Not Included
Beakers, 250 mL 15 Needed, Not Included
Heat-Resistant Gloves or Beaker Tongs 15 Needed, Not Included
Timers 15 Needed, Not Included
Scissors Needed, Not Included
Box Sealing Tape Needed, Not Included
Hot Water (70 to 75° C) Needed, Not Included

Carolina STEM Challenge

Carolina STEM Challenge® Physical Science Series

Engineer excitement with NEW kits for middle and high school physical science that:

  • Incorporate STEM concepts
  • Promote creativity, team building, and fun
  • Encourage interest in science

Easily integrate exciting STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) activities into any physical science curriculum with Carolina STEM Challenge® Physical Science Series kits. They engage and inspire students with fun real-world design challenges in an exciting tournament-style format.

Hands-on activities center on engineering concepts and practices from the Next Generation Science Standards. Design teams design, build, test, and modify their prototypes to provide an innovative solution to the class challenge. These activities strengthen students’ critical-thinking and creative problem-solving skills, while encouraging creativity, collaboration, and teamwork.

Designed with ease of use in mind, Carolina STEM Challenge® Physical Science Series kits have the materials and information needed for classroom success:

  • Warm-ups and demonstrations
  • Science content
  • Literacy extensions
  • Notebooking options
  • Grading and scoring rubrics

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