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BioMEDIA Video: Visualizing Human Physiology (1-Year Schoolwide Subscription)

Item # 522523 Online Only

Grade 6–College. Engage students and reinforce teaching with this streaming multimedia program on human physiology. The schoolwide subscription gives all teachers and students affiliated with the school access to the program for 1 year.



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Grade 6–College. Human beings, like every living organism, are driven by 2 inherent needs—to survive, and ultimately, to reproduce and pass our genes on to the future of our species. To accomplish the goals of survival and reproduction we have inherited bodies finely crafted by evolution so that every one of us, every individual human organism, is an organic super factory—a living machine made up of systems that process fuel, build products, repair damage, expel waste, and defend against invaders. This program engages students with compelling images, revealing video sequences, concise narrations, and instructional design that effectively supports the teacher. It is approximately 16 minutes long and includes a reference document for download. The schoolwide subscription gives all teachers and students affiliated with the school access to the program for 1 year.

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Item# 522523
Computer System Requirements Computer running Windows® 98 or higher or Macintosh® OS X (10.1+) or mobile device (Windows®, Apple®, or Android™ tablet or smart phone) with appropriate operating system; audio capability (sound card) to accommodate streaming video and audio.
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