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Basic Tissue Types Microscope Slide Set

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For basic study of tissue types. Includes 48 slides in 7 sets.



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For basic study of tissue types. Includes 48 slides in 7 sets.

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Components Qty Included?
Pigmented Epithelium 1 Included
Simple Squamous Epithelium 1 Included
Simple Columnar Epithelium 1 Included
Ciliated Epithelium 1 Included
Transitional Epithelium 1 Included
Pseudostratified Ciliated Columnar Epithelium 1 Included
Stratified Squamous Epithelium, sec. 1 Included
Stratified Squamous Epithelium, smear 1 Included
Stratified Columnar Epithelium 1 Included
Mucous Tissue 1 Included
Areolar Tissue Spread 1 Included
Adipose Tissue 1 Included
Tendon 1 Included
Elastic Cartilage 1 Included
Compact Bone 1 Included
Developing Membrane Bone 1 Included
Elastic Tissue 1 Included
Cardiac Muscle 1 Included
Heart 1 Included
Artery, Vein & Nerve 1 Included
Lymphatic Vessel 1 Included
Human Blood Smear 1 Included
Artery 1 Included
Smooth Muscle 1 Included
Skeletal Muscle 1 Included
Cardiac Muscle 1 Included
Nerve, c.s. 1 Included
Nerve, c.s. and l.s. 1 Included
Cerebrum 1 Included
Cerebellum 1 Included
Spinal Cord 1 Included
Spinal Ganglion And Nerve 1 Included
Auerbach's Plexus 1 Included
Tongue with Taste Buds 1 Included
Frog Skin 1 Included
Snake Skin 1 Included
Bird Skin 1 Included
Bone 1 Included
Heavily Pigment Skin 1 Included
Palmar Skin 1 Included
Plantar Skin 1 Included
Lactating Mammary Gland 1 Included
Simple Columnar Epithelium 1 Included
Sublingual Gland 1 Included
Testis And Epididymis 1 Included
Thyroid Gland 1 Included
Lymph Node 1 Included
Mammary Gland 1 Included

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