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Somso® Human Head and Neck Model

Item # 566690

Life size. Explore musculature and skeletal anatomy of the face, neck, and shoulders using this highly detailed, 19-part model. Separates medially to allow examination of internal structures. Size with base, 48 × 37 × 30 cm.



This item will ship on or about 10/4/17

Life size. Use this intricately detailed model to study the structure of the human head and neck. Dissectible into 19-parts, this model allows examination of both musculature and internal anatomy. The right side of the head shows the facial muscles, while the left side depicts the bones of the skull. The deep set muscles of the neck and shoulder are shown on the left side of the bust. Underlying structures of this area can be examined by removing many of the muscles, including the sternocleidomastoid, trapezius, pectoralis major, and the deltoid muscle.

Separate the left and right sides to reveal complete sagittal sections of the bust, allowing examination of the brain, spinal cord, and upper respiratory tract. The cranium is also removable, along with the highly detailed 8-part brain with arteries and the eye, complete with muscles and optic nerve. Significant structures are numbered and a key is included. Mounted on a green base. Size with base, 48 x 37 x 30 cm.

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