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Understanding the stages of meiosis and articulating Mendel’s laws have always been challenging for students. What if those tasks were as easy as doing laundry? Our ChromoSocks activities are built with that concept in mind by having students use custom-sewn socks to mimic chromosomes. These specialty socks, made in the US, are different sizes, lengths, and colors to help demonstrate the differences between chromosomes and the genetic information they carry.

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Ever wish learning meiosis was as easy as folding socks?
With the ChromoSock™ Meiosis Classroom Kit (item #214810), students model the behavior of chromosomes during meiosis and touch on concepts such as nondisjunction. The Modeling Mendel’s Laws Classroom Kit (item #214812) takes students with an understanding of meiosis further by having them model meiosis with an eye to more-advanced topics, such as independent assortment and segregation of alleles. Whether you are looking for an introductory- or advanced-meiosis activity for your classroom, ChromoSocks can engage your students and positively impact their understanding of these key concepts. Each classroom kit is designed for 32 students working in pairs.


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