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Human Vertebrae Pathology Model Set, 4 Pieces

Item # 569200

Life-size model set. Includes 4 models, each consisting of 2 vertebrae, 2 intervertebral discs, spinal cord, and nerves. Models depict normal anatomy, a herniated disc, advanced osteoporosis, and bone/disc degeneration. Includes a full-color, illustrated key card. Base size, 27 x 15.9 cm.



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Use this plastic model set to compare normal vertebrae anatomy with the anatomy of common spinal pathologies. Each life-size model consists of 2 vertebrae, 2 intervertebral discs, a portion of the spinal cord, and corresponding nerves. A bulging herniated disc and a pinched nerve are represented on 1 model. Another model depicts bone and disc degeneration, leading to spinal cord and disc compression. Users are also able to study the effects of advanced osteoporosis showing marked bone compression and bone spurs. Compare these pathologies to the model showing the anatomy of a healthy spine. Models are detachable from the base for hands-on examination. Significant structures are labeled on the full-color, illustrated key card that is also detachable from the base. Each model size, 9 x 7 x 7.6 cm. Base size, 27 x 15.9 cm.


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