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Sustaining Ecosystems Kit Refill (with Prepaid Coupon)

Item # 251480 Exclusive

Grades 9–12. This refill kit provides the consumable materials for the Inquiries in Science®: Sustaining Ecosystems Kit (item #251410). This refill comes with a prepaid coupon to request all perishable material at your convenience.



In stock and available to ship.

  • Test abiotic factors and analyze the effects on the biotic community
  • Determine the conditions that are required to sustain a balanced, functioning ecosystem
  • Design and create a functional model of an ecosystem
A Carolina Exclusive! Grades 9-12. In this exploration of ecosystems, students begin by individually observing different biotic parts (including plants, animals, and decomposers) of an ecosystem they model. From these observations, students determine specific biotic and abiotic factors needed for a functioning ecosystem. Applying this knowledge, students work together to construct a complete ecosystem and build a new model. Kit Refill replenishes all perishable materials; price includes shipping and handling. Note: Order the kit refill with the perishable materials included or with a prepaid coupon to request the perishables later at your convenience. Contact us or return the coupon at least 2 weeks prior to requested delivery date to ensure prompt arrival of materials.

Note: Order an extra kit refill for each additional class section. For example, to teach the kit in 3 environmental science sections on the same day, purchase 1 kit, 2 kit refills, and 2 multi class equipment sets. Part of the Inquiries in Science® series.

  • This item is only available from Carolina Biological Supply Company.

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This item includes a prepaid coupon for living or perishable materials (all items). Redeem the coupon for delivery of these materials at your convenience at www.carolina.com/livingform, by phone at 800.334.5551, or by fax at 800.222.7112.

Components Qty Included?
Pond Snails 35 Included
Gambusia 24 Included
Elodea Sprigs 15 Included
Radish Seeds, packet 1 Included
Timothy Hay 1 Included
Fish Food, 1 oz 1 Included
Aquarium Net 1 Included
Cotton Wicks 10 Included
Potting Soil, 8 qt 1 Included
Clay, 10 cups 1 Included
Sand, 10 cups 1 Included
Ammonia Test Strips 3 Included
pH Test Strips 100 Included
Protosolo® Quieting Solution 1 Included
Large Plastic Containers, 16 oz 40 Included
Small Plastic Containers, 8 oz 32 Included
Lids 20 Included

Inquiries in Science Series

Inquiries in Science® Series Kits

Inquiries in Science® is our exclusive series of hands-on kits specifically designed to help high school students understand abstract, hard-to-grasp science concepts. The series tracks well with most textbooks, and kit topics reflect state science standards and extensive educator input. Since Inquiries in Science® is modular, you can use the kits individually, as a strand, or as a series to teach biology, chemistry, and environmental science.

Improve Student Achievement

Field-tested in classrooms nationwide, Inquiries in Science® employs guided inquiry based on the 5E learning cycle of engage, explore, explain, extend, and evaluate. This inquiry-based approach also promotes STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) practices. It enables students to:

  • Consider a real-world question or problem
  • Plan and conduct an investigation and gather data
  • Understand the science concept by analyzing data and communicating findings
  • Apply their findings to the original real-world question or problem and master the science concept

Inquiries in Science® helps students build critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, and encourages creativity, collaboration, and teamwork. It creates an environment in which you and your students work together as active learners.

Disciplines and topics addressed by the kits were organized and selected based on data from numerous sources, including the National Research Council's National Science Education Standards, AAAS's Project 2061 Science Benchmarks, NAEP's Science Framework, and state science education standards from across the US. In addition, the Inquiries in Science® content and activities reflect the science practices and engineering practices, core ideas, and crosscutting concepts outlined by the National Research Council's A Framework for K–12 Science Education (2011) and the Next Generation Science Standards (2013).

Inquiries in Science® Components

  • Kit—Includes lab supplies (enough for at least 30 students working in groups) plus teacher's manual.
  • Kit Refill—Replenishes consumed materials
  • Multi Class Equipment Set—Includes extra lab supplies so you can use the kit in 1 additional class section per day. Note: You'll also need to order an extra kit refill for each additional class section. For example, to teach the same Inquiries in Science® kit in 3 biology sections on the same day, purchase 1 kit, 2 kit refills, and 2 multi class equipment sets.
  • Digital Teacher's Manual—FREE with kit purchase

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