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Carolina STEM Challenge®

Carolina STEM Challenge

Carolina STEM Challenge®

Engineer excitement with NEW kits for middle and high school!

Carolina STEM Challenge® kits engage and inspire students with fun, real-world design challenges in an exciting tournament-style format. Integrating STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) into your physical science, environmental science, life science, or chemistry curriculum has never been more exciting or easier.

  • Incorporate STEM concepts
  • Promote creativity, team building, and fun
  • Strengthen critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills
  • Encourage interest in science
  • Aligned with Next Generation Science Standards engineering concepts

Carolina STEM Challenge® kits are easy to use, even if you are new to STEM. We designed each kit to include everything you need for classroom success:

  • Warm-up activity with background information
  • STEM design template and challenge
  • Notebooking and literacy extensions
  • Grading rubrics