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Inquiries in Science®

Inquiries in Science: Help your students understand abstract, hard-to-grasp science concepts

Inquiries in Science® kits are designed to address the essential science content that provides a solid foundation for all high school students.

Using a learning cycle of Engage, Explore, Explain, Extend, and Evaluate, each kit features lab activities designed to actively engage high school students in learning essential science concepts through guided inquiry. Disciplines and topics addressed by the kits were organized and selected based on data from numerous sources, including the National Research Council's National Science Education Standards, AAAS's Project 2061 Science Benchmarks, NAEP's Science Framework, and state science education standards from across the US.

Inquiries in Science® Kits:

  • Use a guided-inquiry approach
  • Center around the learning cycle of Engage, Explore, Explain, Extend, and Evaluate
  • Address essential science concepts
  • Utilize current research and best practices in science education
  • Feature extensive input from educators
  • Present real-world scenarios
  • Are field-tested in multiple classrooms
  • Include extensions for additional investigations
  • Provide suggestions for differentiated instruction
  • Include all equipment and supplies for a class of 30 and a comprehensive teacher's manual

Correlations to State Educational Standards Shop for Inquiries in Science® Series Kits
Correlations to State Educational Standards
Inquiries in Science® is an innovative product line that gives high school students a solid foundation in biology, chemistry, and environmental science. The program’s learning cycle also helps teachers integrate hands-on, inquiry-based labs into their classrooms. Inquiries in Science® is aligned with national and most state science standards, so the content meshes well with core curriculum materials such as textbooks.

Shop for Inquiries in Science® Series Kits
Each kit includes lab supplies plus a teacher’s manual with instructions, background information, reproducible student sheets, student questions, extension activities, and suggestions for differentiated instruction. Kits are available for Biology, Chemistry, and Environmental Science. The series is divided into "strands" but can also be purchased as the complete series.

View the Inquiries in Science® Catalog Online In-Depth Reviews and Educator Testimonials
View the Inquiries in Science® Catalog Online
The Inquiries in Science® Catalog is now available online in a convenient, easy-to-read format! Learn more about each Inquiries in Science® kit and how they can help teachers guide inquiry in the classroom. This catalog includes everything you need to teach your high school Biology, Chemistry, or Environmental Science classes.
In-Depth Reviews and Educator Testimonials
Teachers were the driving force behind the development of our innovative Inquiries in Science® program. Frustrated by science concepts that were hard for students to grasp, teachers told us they needed a complete lab that would help students learn through discovery. Don't take our word for it—just listen to what some actual users of Inquiries in Science® had to say!