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Inquiries in Science® Educator Testimonials

Don't take our word for it—just listen to what some actual users of Inquiries in Science® had to say!

"Overall, I was very happy with the Examining Energy Resources kit. I found the content to be accurate and developed in a way that promoted my students' understanding of energy resources. My students found the activities interesting and were required to be active participants. I also found the resource adaptable, and there was discussion in the teacher's manual that helped me to adapt it. The kit included assessments that helped me determine whether there was increased student learning. Finally, and most importantly, the kit created significant conversation and reflection by my students about energy resources and the energy future of the United States."

Read the full review of the Examining Energy Resources kit from the National Association of Biology Teachers*.

Chris Monsour
Biology Teacher
Tiffin Columbian High School in
Tiffin, OH

"An Inquiries in Science® Biology Series module is worth the investment for several reasons: Most of the components in the kit are divided into groups, the kit is packaged in a sturdy box for long-term storage, the spiral-bound Teacher's Manual and Student Guide is easy and convenient to use, the activities were developed and field-tested by life science instructors, the kits are affordable and designed for large classes, and the guided-inquiry based activities and labs follow the learning cycle." Inquiries in Science

Read the full review of the Cycling Through Mitosis kit from the National Association of Biology Teachers**.

Kerry Henrickson, PhD
Assistant Professor of Physiology and Physiology Education Specialist
Northern Arizona University
Flagstaff, AZ

"I have been quite impressed with the scope of the Carolina lab kits. Most lab kits you get are segmented and therefore meaningless. These kits not only provide me with well described hands-on activities but delve farther into curriculum integration. I get help with the lab and how to apply the lab to what I am teaching. The labs themselves are creative and imaginative, not to mention fun. My students have responded well to the manipulatives and the written materials. I would definitely consider organizing a program around this lab set."

Aimee Candella
Biology Teacher
Columbia Heights High School
Columbia Heights, MN

"The students told me after class that this lab was awesome. I think for the first time in my 25-year career as an educator that my students will truly understand the nitrogen cycle. This is great!"

Kay Campany
Biology Teacher and Assistant Principal
Avery County High School
Newland, NC

"Let me say that you have done an excellent job. It is a nice blend of acitivity and content and allows the student to explore and tinker if he or she desires."

Mike Jones
Chemistry Advisory Panel
Pisgah High School
Canton, NC

"As usual, I was deeply impressed with the quality and completeness of the Carolina kit I was sent. It opened my eyes to a new experience for my students and they truly enjoyed the activities. I look forward to doing this activity next year!"

Judy Jones
Biology Teacher
East Chapel Hill High School
Chapel Hill, NC

"My students loved the hands-on inquiry approach with manipulatives. They said that 'this is what science should be like!'"

Trevor Oystrick
Biology Teacher
Dorsey High School
Los Angeles, CA

* With permission from the National Association of Biology Teachers; ABT, 72(6), pg. 384.)
** With permission from the National Association of Biology Teachers; ABT, 71(5), pg. 308-309.)

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