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Inquiries in Science® Student Testimonials

Listen to what students had to say after they experienced Inquiries in Science® kits!

Inquiries in Science

Synthesizing Macromolecules

"I liked being able to picture what a molecule actually looked like."

Investigating Cell Types

"It was so cool it made my skin crawl."

"I will never look at a lake the same way again!"

Examining Cellular Transport

"I think I finally get it. Cells are just so small I never really knew how they moved stuff around."

"It made me think of cells as actual living things instead of just our parts."

Cycling Through Mitosis

"The models really helped me learn all the steps of mitosis."

"The onions showed me the cells in actual stages of mitosis. It was cool."

Energizing Cells

"I finally see plants as living things. They do all the same stuff we do!"

"I saw the bubbles and knew the plants were working."

Discovering Nucleic Acids

"It helped me to see what was really happening to the DNA."

"I did it. I did it right and I could see I did it right just by looking around. I understand."

Modeling Genetic Inheritance

"My animal was so cool. I ended up with almost all recessives. How freaky is that?"

"I liked seeing what our animals looked like after we built them. When you figure it out on paper you never quite know what the whole thing will turn into."

Understanding Reproduction and Chromosomes

"The magnets really helped me picture what a karyotype would look like."

Introducing Biotechnology

"Human beings are so smart to be able to make things to help other people. Some day I hope I can do something like this to make the world a better place."

Identifying Symbiosis

"If you take away one organism it can really impact others. We need to be careful in how we protect the world."

Exploring the Nitrogen Cycle

"The aquarium was really cool. There are so many parts to an ecosystem."

Building Ecological Pyramids

"I should just eat grass."

Analyzing Population Growth

"There is so much that goes into controlling a population. I just thought they all lived until they were eaten but there is much more to it than just that."

"I thought this was fun. I will never look at the environment the same way again."

Simulating the Darwinian Theory

"This was so much fun. I love being a predator."

"I started looking outside after this and wondering why there weren’t any white lady bugs or other animals. I understand now that they would be eaten right away!"

Changing Over Time

"We are in trouble if bacteria ever figure out how to make themselves change."

"I liked seeing evolution happen in front of me. It always seems to take so long I never knew if it was real."

Classifying Across the Kingdoms

"This was awesome. I loved looking at all the different plants and animals and seeing who was related to whom."

"There are so many cool animals in the world. It is hard to believe we have organized them all into groups, and I can figure out which groups!"

Observing Form and Function

"I didn’t know that animal parts all had functions. I also didn’t know that the same bone could do different things in different animals."

"I am a machine. All the parts of me work together to make a perfect working machine."

Behaving Like Animals

"This was my favorite lab. The anoles were so cool. I really felt like a biologist doing observations and taking notes. I would love to do this in the future."

"My anoles were so much more interesting than I thought they would be. I liked comparing what mine did with some of the others. I could watch them all day."

Affecting Plant Responses

"I finally understand that plants react to their environment. I always thought they just sat there."

"Plants are a lot cooler than we give them credit for. They can actually respond to the world around them. I think I will have to watch my house plants a little better."