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Learnetic High School Science

High School Science Lessons That Make Your Life Easier

We've come a long way since whiteboards and pens. Learnetic Interactive Teaching Lessons & Activities can easily be used with interactive whiteboards, PCs or laptops. They integrate teacher lessons with individual student activities or homework. Teach whole class lessons and then assign individual student activities. Best of all, there are more than 630 science lessons to explore!

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Time Saving
Forget searching the internet for quality interactive activities. Now you've got the quality science lessons, student activities, assignment submission and reporting - all in one convenient resource.

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Content Rich
Learnetic science lessons deliver a comprehensive content base with deep learning experiences. Each lesson encourages critical thinking and problem solving skills. Great for introducing hard-to-teach science topics.
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Real World
Students can relate to the realistic applications presented by Learnetic. Animations and graphics are also designed to appeal to them. It's a total package that energizes student participation and encourages collaborative learning.
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Learnetic Biology is a collection of interactive resources that cover topics such as The Cell, Genetics, and Human Body Systems.

  • 21 General Topics
  • 17 Advanced Topics
  • 202 Total Lessons

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Variation of Organisms Whiteboard Exercise

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Variation of Organisms Student Activity

Learnetic Chemistry includes engaging activities that help students understand concepts such as Atomic Structure, Chemical Reactions, and Bonding.

  • 20 General Topics
  • 22 Advanced Topics
  • 199 Total Lessons

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Chemical Equations Whiteboard Exercise

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Chemical Equations Student Activity

Learnetic Physics helps you teach and students learn about challenging topics such as Force and Motion, Energy, and Light and Sound.

  • 19 General Topics
  • 23 Advanced Topics
  • 230 Total Lessons

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Force and Acceleration Whiteboard Exercise

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Force and Acceleration Student Activity

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