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  • Magnify Excitement

    •  Wide selection of magnifiers for
        elementary and middle school
    •  Hand held and lighted magnifiers
    •  Great for a close-up look at insects,
        stamps, coins, dissections and more
    •  Simple and convenient for field work
        or desktop use

  • Compare Optical Options

    To decide which magnifier you need:

    •  Click your product category
    •  Check the "Select" box for products
        you want to compare
    •  Click the "Compare" button
    •  Make your informed decision!

Find the magnifier you want here at Carolina.  A great addition to any science kit, get your classroom stocked.  We offer different sizes and types of magnifying glasses for both kids and serious science enthusiasts, including magnifiers with lights.  Inexpensive and durable, we also offer quantity discounts so you can get one for everyone in your classes! 

From pocket magnifiers to standard ones, we have you covered!  Get your kids magnifying glasses to examine organisms up close. A perfect item for either field work or your desk!  The simplistic and durable designs will be sure to come in handy for any samples you may need to examine!