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Conferences & Workshops

Experience Carolina's "World of Inquiry" at a Conference Near You

Carolina Exhibits and In-Booth DemosCarolina's team attends several domestic and international education conferences every year, including the national and regional National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) conferences (and many others). At each conference our exhibits provide you the opportunity to explore our products through interactive workshops. Our exhibits let our staff learn how we can better serve you—a crucial component of our world-class support.

Stop by our booth at any of the conferences for an experience that is:

  • Hands-On—Test drive our products and discover (or rediscover) Carolina quality
  • Educational—Learn about a concept or procedure that has always intrigued you
  • Fun—Enjoy learning and doing in a relaxed, collegial environment

Conference and Workshop Schedules

View our Conference and Workshop Schedule to find out where and when you can join Carolina in person. This schedule is updated throughout the year, so be sure to check back often so you don't miss us!

NSTA Regional Conference - December 4-6, 2014 - Long Beach, CAShow/Hide

Exhibits and In-Booth Demonstrations

When you visit a conference where Carolina is exhibiting, step into our booth to enter a true science education "experience". We offer continuous engaging, hands-on demonstrations where you can get involved—and maybe even walk away with some goodies of your own.

Plus, each in-booth demonstration visitor will receive a Carolina QuickTips™ sheet that features an overview of the demo, materials list, activity procedure, and additional information so you can re-create these useful activities in your own classroom. You can also speak with our expert staff members to learn about our latest products and services. Plus, we love to meet teachers!

Hands-On Workshops

Carolina offers a wide range of workshop sessions at most of the conferences we attend. Workshops usually take a hands-on approach, where attendees get a chance to experience our products and solutions. Our broad topic coverage assures that there is something for everyone, including Life Science, Physical Science, Earth and Space Science, Curriculum Programs, eLearning Solutions, Inquiry-Based Education Topics, and much more. If you are attending a conference with Carolina workshops, be sure to sign up early, as most of our workshops fill up fast.

If you’ve recently attended a conference and participated in one of our exciting workshops, please visit our Workshop Details and Resources page to download the presentations and information about the products featured in the sessions.

Event Photos and Videos

If you attended a recent conference or want to have a look at our latest booth experience, check them out on our Facebook page.

Carolina Contests

Conference Contests and Contest Winners

If you've ever seen an enormous crowd gathered inside the Carolina booth, we were probably holding one of our famous giveaways. At many shows we attend, we will hold contests for Carolina Gift Certificates, Carolina products, and a number of other goodies. So be sure to check with our booth staff to learn about any giveaways or contests that might be going on at the show you're attending. If you had to leave a recent conference early, check back on this page to find out if you were a winner!

Congratulations to the following people who won special prizes from Carolina in 2014:


  • Chelsie Apker of Allentown, PA (Carolina™ Investigations for AP* Biology: Cell Respiration Kit winner)
  • Rob Hermann of Springfield, PA (Carolina™ Investigations for AP* Environmental Science: Soil Formation and Properties Kit winner)
  • Susan Gray of Katy, TX (Carolina™ Investigations for AP* Chemistry: Le Châtelier's Principle and Equilibrium Kit winner)


  • Kathryn Malody of St. Paul, MN (Carolina Goggle Sanitizer Cabinet winner)
  • Sandra Payne of Durham, NC (Carolina Precision Balance winner)
  • Elaine Scudder of Kirksville, MO (Altay® Sexless Human Torso winner)

NSTA - National Conference

  • Lara Walleston of Walpole, WA ("Perfect" T-shirt & Carolina™ Forensic Dissection Kit winner)
  • Yolanda Sproles of Greenwood, MS ("Perfect" T-shirt & Carolina™ Forensic Dissection Kit winner)
  • Nealyn Dunlop of New Bedford, MA ("Perfect" T-shirt & Carolina™ Young Scientists Dissection Bundle winner)
  • Dominque Miller of Grenada, MS ("Perfect" T-shirt & Carolina™ Forensic Dissection Kit winner)
  • Katelyn Lakin of Guymon, OK ("Perfect" T-shirt & Carolina™ Cat Dissection Kit winner)
  • Rebecca Hauser of Latrobe, PA (Spectronic® Spectrophotometer 200 winner)
  • Deborah Yacashin of North Sutton, NH (Human Ligamentous Plastic Skeleton winner)
  • Janet Baird of Chandler, OK (GloFish® LED Aquarium winner)
  • David Mangus of Enfield, CT (Carolina STEM Challenge®: Balloon Race Cars Kit winner)
  • Steve Ellis of Markesan, WI (Unlimited Carolina Science Online® Schoolwide License winner)
  • Patty Betteley of Madison, OH (1 Year High School Whiteboard Activities Subscription winner)
  • Stanley Wolf of Watertown, MA (1 Year Twig Science Films Schoolwide Subscription winner)
  • Jason Larocque of Danvers, MA (1 Year TigTag Science Videos Schoolwide Subscription winner)


  • Katy Lustofin of Marietta, OH ($100 Carolina Gift Certificate winner)


  • Martha McGlasson of Boone, NC ($100 Carolina Gift Certificate winner)

NSTA - Regional Conference (Richmond)

  • Stephanie Nelson of Harrisonburg, VA (Unlimited Carolina Science Online® Schoolwide License winner)
  • Kelly Jones of Stanton, KY (Miniature Muscular Skeleton winner)
  • Barbara Bell of Blacksburg, VA (1 Year Learnetic Middle/High School Whiteboard Activities Subscription winner)
  • Buddy Welch of Morrison, OK ($100 Carolina Gift Certificate winner)
  • Dena Caracciolo of Manassas, VA (1 Year Twig Science Films Schoolwide Subscription winner)
  • Mary Coulter of Kingston, TN ("Perfect" T-shirt Contest winner)
  • Marsha Buck of Kingsport, TN ("Perfect" T-shirt Contest winner)
  • Nan Grover of Columbia, SC ("Perfect" T-shirt Contest winner)
  • Dawn McCoart of Arlington, VA ("Perfect" T-shirt Contest winner)

Bridging the Gap Conference

  • Carol Price of Aulander, NC ("Perfect" T-shirt Contest winner)


  • Courtney Bahe of Cambridge, NE ("Perfect" T-shirt Contest winner)


  • Katherine Sessoms of Dunn, NC ("Perfect" T-shirt Contest winner)

NSTA - Regional Conference (Orlando)

  • Kelly Weeks of Casselberry, FL (Unlimited Carolina Science Online® Schoolwide License winner)
  • Scott Budreau of Casselberry, FL (Miniature Muscular Skeleton winner)
  • Cherish Eagen of Sarasota, FL (1 Year Learnetic Middle/High School Whiteboard Activities Subscription winner)
  • Denise Webb of Cumming, GA ($100 Carolina Gift Certificate winner)
  • Ben Vliet of Auburndale, FL (1 Year Twig Science Films Subscription winner)
  • Jasmin M Baes of Melbourn, FL ("Perfect" T-shirt Contest winner)
  • Bob Bertran of Rockledge, FL ("Perfect" T-shirt Contest winner)


  • Linda Lacava of Southlake, TX (Unlimited Carolina Science Online® Schoolwide License winner)
  • Brandon Deem of Argyle, TX (Miniature Muscular Skeleton winner)
  • Eric Adams of Ennis, TX (1 Year Learnetic Middle/High School Whiteboard Activities Subscription winner)
  • Ashley Brown of Palmer, TX ($100 Carolina Gift Certificate winner)
  • Terri Been of Dilley, TX (1 Year Twig Science Films Subscription winner)
  • Cindy McGuire of Ft. Worth, TX (Full Size 3B Human Skeleton with Stand winner)
  • Linda Burt of Kemp, TX ("Perfect" T-shirt Contest winner)
  • Danielle Braun of Katy, TX ("Perfect" T-shirt Contest winner)

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