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Carolina STEM Challenge®: Take Flight Kit

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Grades 6–12. Modify a basic paper airplane to explore how changes in the design affect aerodynamics and performance. In this investigative engineering lab about the forces of flight and Bernoulli’s principle, students are challenged to design an airplane that flies the farthest distance or spends the longest time aloft. Kit materials support 15 design team pairs.



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Grades 6–12. With this kit, the familiar task of making a paper airplane gets transformed into an investigative engineering lab about the forces involved in flight and Bernoulli’s principle. Students explore how changes in basic airplane design affect aerodynamics and performance, affecting which team’s airplane goes the farthest distance or spends the longest time aloft.

Kit includes 24-lb paper (a step up from standard 20-lb copier paper) because it is more rigid, allowing for crisper folds, improved shape retention, and better resistance to high humidity.

Extend this lesson by:

  • Exploring different types of paper for plane construction
  • Incorporating video of students’ airplane flights to determine distance and time aloft
  • Researching materials used for constructing airplanes throughout the history of manned flight
  • Having an accuracy competition where students must fly planes through the center of a hoop at a given distance
This activity helps you teach the following Next Generation Science Standards®:
  • PS2.A: Forces and Motion
  • PS2.C: Stability and Instability in Physical Systems
  • PS3.C: Relationship Between Energy and Forces

Kit materials support 15 design team pairs and include 24-lb paper, folding templates, plane launcher, and instructions.

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Components Qty Included?
Electric Plane Launcher 1 Included
Foam Pad 1 Included
Paper, 24 lb, Sheets 500 Included
Printed Airplane Templates 32 Included
Digital Resource Instruction Card 1 Included
Teacher's Manual with Reproducible Student Guide 1 Included
Scissors 15 Needed, Not Included
Rulers, Metric 15 Needed, Not Included
Transparent Tape Needed, Not Included
Masking Tape Needed, Not Included
Paper Clips, #1 (standard) Needed, Not Included
Timer Needed, Not Included
Metric Tape Measure or Meter Stick Needed, Not Included
Safety Goggles (for each student) Needed, Not Included
Indoor Flight Zone, 10 m (gym, cafeteria, large room) Needed, Not Included

Carolina STEM Challenge

Carolina STEM Challenge® Physical Science Series

Engineer excitement with NEW kits for middle and high school physical science that:

  • Incorporate STEM concepts
  • Promote creativity, team building, and fun
  • Encourage interest in science

Easily integrate exciting STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) activities into any physical science curriculum with Carolina STEM Challenge® Physical Science Series kits. They engage and inspire students with fun real-world design challenges in an exciting tournament-style format.

Hands-on activities center on engineering concepts and practices from the Next Generation Science Standards. Design teams design, build, test, and modify their prototypes to provide an innovative solution to the class challenge. These activities strengthen students’ critical-thinking and creative problem-solving skills, while encouraging creativity, collaboration, and teamwork.

Designed with ease of use in mind, Carolina STEM Challenge® Physical Science Series kits have the materials and information needed for classroom success:

  • Warm-ups and demonstrations
  • Science content
  • Literacy extensions
  • Notebooking options
  • Grading and scoring rubrics

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