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Reinventing Morse: Build Your Own Telegraph Kit

Item # 751216

Experience life before e-mail and texting, using Morse code and electromagnetism. Excite and engage makers of all ages as they re-create the experiments that led to the development of the first successful electrical telegraph. The device functions as sounder, buzzer, or relay. Introduce electromagnetism, application of waves, and circuits with this easy-to-assemble activity. Includes instructions. A battery source within the 6-V to 12-V range is needed but not supplied.



This item will ship on or about 5/17/17

Build your own working telegraph with a device designed to work as a sounder, a buzzer, or a relay. Learn about Morse code and electromagnetism. Includes instructions.

Concepts taught by this science kit:

  • Electricity and circuits (uses and effects)
  • Magnetism/electromagnetism
  • How a sounder, a buzzer, and a relay work
  • Encoding messages and computer principles
  • Forces and motion (strength of an electromagnet)
  • The scientific method
  • History of the telegraph and Morse
  • Invention and the inventive process

A battery source within the 6-V to 12-V range is needed but not supplied. A 6-V battery is used for illustrative purposes. This activity works with 9-V batteries or even power supplies.

Components Qty Included?
Telegraph with Coil Winding Arbor 1 Included
Telegraph Key 1 Included
Coil Bobbins 2 Included
Hook-Up Wire, 100 ft 1 Included
Alligator Test Leads 4 Included
Instruction Manual 1 Included
Battery Source, 6 V to 12 V 1 Needed, Not Included

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