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Carolina ChemKits®: Slime Time Value Kit

Item # 840809 Exclusive

Don’t just make slime - make slime teach students about intermolecular forces and the properties of hydrogels. Students prepare 3 slime formulations and observe their qualitative properties. They then investigate the cohesive, adhesive, and viscous properties of slime and explain the role of intermolecular forces in them. Value Kit includes sufficient materials for 4 classes of 30 students working in groups of 3.



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  • Create a cross-linked polymer slime
  • Measure cohesion, adhesion, and viscosity
  • Explain the role of intermolecular forces in the properties of slime
Turn a fun activity into a fun engineering activity. When students prepare and test different qualitative properties, they are learning valuable engineering skills. This kit is a great introduction to polymer chemistry and intermolecular forces for middle or high school and incorporates the NGSS Science and Engineering Practices of Analyzing and Interpreting Data and Using Mathematics and Computational Thinking. Value Kit includes sufficient materials for 4 classes of 30 students working in groups of 3.

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Product Families Featuring This Item:

Components Qty Included?
4% Polyvinyl Alcohol, 1 L 1 Included
4% Polyvinyl Alcohol, 3.8 L 1 Included
Borax, 2 oz 3 Included
Craft Sticks 120 Included
Paper Cones 120 Included
Transparencies 60 Included
Plastic Cups, 7 oz 45 Included
Medicine Cups, 1 oz 45 Included
Wax Pencil Cores 24 Included
Cardboard Sheets 24 Included
Large Medicine Cups, 2 oz 15 Included
Pipets 8 Included
Food Coloring, Pack of 4 1 Included
Teacher’s Manual with Reproducible Student Guide 1 Included
Container, 600 mL 1 Needed, Not Included
Balance 1 Needed, Not Included
Box Cutter 1 Needed, Not Included
Clear Tape, Roll 1 Needed, Not Included
Permanent Markers 10 Needed, Not Included
Scissors 10 Needed, Not Included
Rulers 30 Needed, Not Included
Timers 30 Needed, Not Included
Paper Towels Needed, Not Included
Access to Running Water Needed, Not Included
Sheet Protectors (optional) 30 Needed, Not Included
Trash Bags (optional) Needed, Not Included
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