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Carolina's Perfect Solution® Bullfrog, 5 to 6", Plain, Pail

Item # 227144 Exclusive

Perfect Solution Bullfrog, Preserved, 5-6 in, Plain, Pail

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Perfect Solution Bullfrog, Preserved, 5-6 in, Plain, Pail

  • This item is only available from Carolina Biological Supply Company.

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Item# 227144
Color Injection Plain
Package Type Pail
Length 5-6"
Type of Preservative Carolina's Perfect Solution®

Carolina's Perfect Solution Specimens

Carolina's Perfect Solution®—Safe. Convenient. Superior.

Our commitment to producing the finest preserved specimens on the market has led us to Carolina's Perfect Solution®, a unique, revolutionary fixative that is dramatically improving the quality of classroom dissection.

  • No formalin odor
  • No dangerous off-gassing
  • No dark and unnatural appearance

Instead, organisms preserved with Carolina's Perfect Solution® retain more lifelike color and texture. Because students study more natural-looking specimens, it is easier for them to identify the structures and, as a result, learn anatomy.

Carolina's Perfect Solution® specimens are safe and nontoxic, which means you need no special ventilation and there's no costly disposal.

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