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Project Lead The Way

  • Project Lead the Way

    Project Lead The Way—Biomedical Science Curriculum Products

    Carolina Biological Supply Company is proud to offer products that support the efforts of Project Lead The Way educators. You can find and purchase all items found in the "CBIO" tab of the Project Lead The Way Vendor Workbooks below. We currently offer approved products for three of the major programs, including Gateway, Engineering, and Biomedical Science.

    We are also offering an exclusive 10% discount on all Project Lead The Way purchases. Please enter GC in the Promotion Code box during checkout.

    Due to supplier price changes, the prices shown in the Vendor Workbooks may be slightly different than the prices shown at Carolina.com.

    If you have any questions, or if this is your first visit to Carolina.com and you would like to use a purchase order when ordering online, please call us at 800.334.5551 so we can enable purchase order payments (and other important features) on your online account before your first order.