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  • My Journey from Traditional to Mastery It’s no secret that mastery-based learning works. It engages students, holds them accountable for their learning, and accommodates individual styles and needs. How can you turn your teacher-centered class into one that is student-centered and mastery-based? Anatomy and physiology teacher Cara Johnson shares what worked for her. View »
  • Leading with the Lab: How to Use Inquiry in a Flipped Class Looking at flipping your class? Learn from a high school chemistry teacher who’s already done it. Marc Seigel explains how he’s used a somewhat nontraditional flip to teach inquiry units on the gas laws and molarity/molality. He cites example activities, online resources, extensions, and assessments. View »
  • Egg-cellent Chemistry, Part 1 Decorating eggs is a fun way for students to explore a range of scientific concepts (such as pH and acids and bases) and make real-world connections. Here are 2 activities that are to dye for! View »
  • Hydroponics Using a nutrient-rich water solution and a unique, time-tested approach, you can successfully grow plants with no soil. In a hydroponic system, water does the work. Find out more about this fascinating method and the advantages that make it both appealing and effective. View »
  • Sericulture and the Silkworm Find out how the silkworm has influenced cultures, commerce, and science. We’ll take a look at its life cycle, historical significance, and scientific contributions in this brief, engaging article. Share it with your class as an example of how an organism can impact different areas of human thought and activity. View »
  • Elodea Care Sheet Care instructions and tips for Elodea. View »
  • Twig Lesson Plan: Introduction to Chemical Bonding A custom lesson plan that implements Twig science videos and resources to teach about physical and chemical changes, types of chemical bonding, and conservation of matter in chemical reactions. View »
  • Twig Lesson Plan: Plate Tectonics A custom lesson plan that implements Twig science videos and resources to teach about plate tectonics. View »
  • Experimental Biology Sample Lesson Plans A sample of lesson plans for daily experimental biology. View »
  • AP Environmental Science Sample Lesson Plans A sample of lesson plans for AP Environmental Science. View »

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