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NeuLog™ High Temperature Sensor

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Primarily used for experiments in chemistry and physics, the NeuLog™ High Temperature Sensor is a thermocouple-based sensor that allows the measurement of very high temperatures (up to 2,200° F, 1,200° C)--such as measuring the temperature of a flame with different fuel-oxygen mixtures--and also very low temperatures (-328° F, -200° C). Two modes of operation: Celsius and Fahrenheit. Requires connection hardware (item #369733, #369500, #369510, or #369520, sold separately) to operate.



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Smart, easy, and affordable digital data collection technology for now and the future

The next generation of scientific data collection sensors is now available--easier to use, more versatile, and with a lower cost than any other data collection system. For both beginners and advanced users, the NeuLog™ data logger sensors offer a simple and flexible solution to collect and analyze the most complex data from your science laboratory experiments or field activities.

Primarily used for experiments in chemistry and physics, the NeuLog™ High Temperature Sensor is a thermocouple-based sensor that allows the measurement of very high temperatures, up to 2,200° F (1,200° C)! Students can measure the temperature of a flame with different fuel-oxygen mixtures. The sensor also measures very low temperatures (-328° F, -200° C). This sensor has 2 modes of operation: Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Note: Requires connection hardware, which is sold separately. For hardwired setup, use the NeuLog™ PC Starter Connection Bundle (item #369500) or NeuLog™ USB Bridge Module (item #369733). For wireless setup, use the NeuLog™ Wi-Fi™ Starter Connection Bundle (item #369510). For stand-alone setup, use the NeuLog™ Graphic Display Bundle (item #369520).

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Item# 369663
ADC Resolution 10 bit
Experiment Duration 1 second to 31 days
Maximum Sample Rate (S/sec) 100
Range and Operation Modes –200º to 1,200º C; –328º to 2,200º F
Resolution 0.1º C/F
Components Qty Included?
NeuLog™ High Temperature Sensor 1 Included
NeuLog™ Connection Hardware Bundle (item #369733, #369500, #369510, or #369520) 1 Needed, Not Included

Introducing the NeuLog™ Probeware System—Affordable Digital Tools to Inspire Inquiry

Neulog Probeware

NeuLog™ platform is a complete line of innovative sensors, communication modules, and browser-based software. No external computer is required, and each sensor contains a durable probe that collects data, a microprocessor that digitizes data, and flash memory that stores the data—all in 1 smart unit. To save the data for reports or further analysis, simply connect the NeuLog™ sensor to a computer using a USB cable or wireless RF module or to any wireless device with Wi-Fi™ capability, including PCs, Macs, smartphones, and tablets. Best of all, the NeuLog™ software is free, browser-based, and accessible from any computer or wireless device. Smart, easy, and the next generation in data collection, the NeuLog™ system works with any existing or future computing device that can connect.

The NeuLog™ system is right for your classroom because it offers the best features of any data collection system:

  • Simple—A true plug-and-play system that requires no selection of sensors or calibration or setup time. Just plug the sensors together and into a power source, and start collecting data. It really is that simple.
  • Flexible—The collected data can be sent to a computer via a USB cable or wireless RF (radio frequency) connection, any Wi-Fi™ device (e.g., computer, tablet, or smartphone), or viewed on a portable color graphics display monitor.
  • Powerful—Up to 5 sensors can be connected together and data collected simultaneously. Each sensor has enough flash memory to store up to 5 experiments.
  • Affordable—The software is free and browser-based; no computers or interface systems are required; and the next computer or operating system will not make it obsolete.
  • Portable—The NeuLog™ rechargeable battery pack powers remote data collection.
  • Convenient—True plug-and-play sensors start collecting data in seconds or uploading saved experiments from a computer.
  • Fun—With minimal setup and easy data collection, students quickly start exploring and explaining scientific principles.

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