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Chemical Tests Unit Kit

Item # 972101AV Exclusive



This item will ship on or about 6/5/17

With this unit, students explore the properties of 5 common "mystery" powders. They mix water with the powders and conduct various experiments involving solubility, filtration, evaporation, crystallization. Students test the powders with heat, iodine, and red cabbage juice (a natural pH indicator) and describe the changes.

Unit Kit comes with a Teacher's Guide, a Teacher's Tools CD, and the materials (including a coupon for prepaid delivery of the living organisms) needed for a class of 30. Added value: 24 KIDS DISCOVER nonfiction Readers. The Refurbishment Set replenishes all kit consumables.

The Two-Use Kit comes with all of the great materials you’d expect from the STC Program™, along with a box containing the materials for a second, non-concurrent use. All you need to do is set the box aside until you are ready for it.

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