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STC Program: Soils Two-Use Unit Kit, 3rd Edition

Item # 971601U2C Exclusive

In Soils, students investigate the chief components of soil-sand, clay, and humus-and explore the relationship between soil and plant growth. Early in the unit, students create their own compost bags. This activity enables them to observe the decomposition of organic materials over time. Students observe and read about earthworms to learn about their connection to plant roots and soil. The students also conduct tests that enable them to observe and compare such properties of soil as odor, appearance, and texture.



This item will ship on or about 6/22/17

STC™ 3rd Edition Soils Two-Use Unit Kit includes:

  • Teacher’s Guide complete with planning guide, lesson instructions, unit overview with background information, assessment that includes formative and summative assessments, and sections dedicated to notebooking, literacy, and more. Each guide also includes a CD-ROM containing blackline masters, Spanish resources, and other teacher resources
  • 8 STC Literacy Series™ books: Soils
  • Enough materials to teach a class of 30 students twice
  • Technology and Premium Content Web site access for teachers
  • 24 copies of Soils KIDS DISCOVER readers

Two-Use Unit Kit materials to teach a class of 30 students twice.

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