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STC™ Living Materials Order Sheet 4 (Amoeba Culture, Paramecium Culture, Euglena Culture, Volvox Culture)

Item # STL9144000LC

A prepaid order sheet for STC™ Living Materials. This order sheet is used in STC/MS™ Organisms—From Macro to Micro and STC–Secondary™ Investigating Biodiversity and Interdependence.



In stock and available to ship.

If it's living and you need it, count on us to supply it.

Carolina Biological Supply Company is your clear choice for living materials used in STC™ units. With our prepaid order sheets, order your organisms in advance and pay one price (shipping costs included). We'll send an order sheet(s) that you later return to us by phone, fax, mail, or on-line redemption page. Just tell us when you want the organisms delivered and we will get them to you.

What's included in this order: Amoeba Culture, Paramecium Culture, Euglena Culture, Volvox Culture.

  • HI residents must contact the HI Dept. of Agriculture before ordering.

This item includes a prepaid coupon for living or perishable materials (all items). Redeem the coupon for delivery of these materials at your convenience at www.carolina.com/livingform, by phone at 800.334.5551, or by fax at 800.222.7112.

Components Qty Included?
Amoeba Culture 1 Included
Paramecium Culture 1 Included
Euglena Culture 1 Included
Volvox Culture 1 Included
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