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STC Secondary: Experimenting with Forces and Motion Student Guide and Source Book

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Forces and energy transformations make the motion of our world possible. Experimenting with Forces and Motion unit allows students to investigate the nature of energy, the different forms it can take, the nature of different forces, and how those forces affect the motion of objects. Students begin by exploring elastic, magnetic, frictional, and gravitational forces. Learning from experimentation that force affects the motion of objects, students turn their attention to energy and motion, learning about kinetic energy, how to calculate speed, and the relationship between forces, energy, and motion.

STC–Secondary™ is a 16-unit, inquiry-centered middle school science curriculum developed by the National Science Resources Center, an organization of the Smithsonian Institution. Each STC–Secondary™ unit provides opportunities for students to experience scientific phenomena firsthand. A comprehensive, research-based curriculum, STC–Secondary™ is aligned with the National Science Education Standards.

Experimenting with Forces and Motion Student Guide and Source Book is hardbound and provides the student investigations, student goals and objectives, and reading selections for each lesson in the Experimenting with Forces and Motion unit (item #976001 or #976001U5).

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