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STC Secondary: Working with Motors and Simple Machines Student Guide and Source Book

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The invention of machines has had a profound impact on human history. Machines, both simple and complex, have been used for many purposes, from making our lives easier to waging war. Students encounter many kinds of machines each day, including some that use motors. In the unit Working with Motors and Simple Machines, students learn about 3 simple machines (inclined plane, pulley, and lever) and how these machines reduce the effort force needed to do work. Students also explore motors and how they function. Students are challenged to combine their knowledge of motors and machines to design a system that lifts a heavy load.

STC–Secondary® is a 16-unit, inquiry-centered middle school science curriculum developed by the National Science Resources Center, an organization of the Smithsonian Institution. Each STC–Secondary® unit provides opportunities for students to experience scientific phenomena firsthand. A comprehensive, research-based curriculum, STC–Secondary® is aligned with the National Science Education Standards.

Working with Motors and Simple Machines Student Guide and Source Book is hardbound and provides the student investigations, student goals and objectives, and reading selections for each lesson in the Working with Motors and Simple Machines unit (item #976101 or #976101U5).

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