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STC Secondary: Investigating Circuit Design 5-Class Unit Kit

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Electrical energy is a vital part of modern living. It powers a vast number of devices that we use daily, from lightbulbs, televisions, and computers to vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, and air conditioners. Although students may come to the unit with seemingly limited experience with electrical energy, they actually use it routinely—playing with battery-powered toys, watching television, listening to MP3s, and playing video games. Our increasing reliance on electrical energy and the need to generate more electrical power underscores the need for students to understand the nature of electricity. The term “electricity” is used to describe many phenomena associated with electrical energy and electrical circuits. As students participate in the inquiries in this unit, they begin to develop their own understanding of the meaning of electrical current, voltage, power, and electrical energy. They investigate how electrical energy is transferred in electrical circuits and how devices transform electrical energy into other forms of energy.

STC–Secondary™ is a 16-unit, inquiry-centered middle school science curriculum developed by the National Science Resources Center, an organization of the Smithsonian Institution. Each STC–Secondary™ unit provides opportunities for students to experience scientific phenomena firsthand. A comprehensive, research-based curriculum, STC–Secondary™ is aligned with the National Science Education Standards.

This 5-Class Refurbishment Set replenishes kit consumables for the investigating Circuit Design 5-Class Unit Kit (item #976201U5).

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Product Families Featuring This Item:

Components Qty Included?
Ammeter, Panel, 0-500 mA, DC 8 included
Battery Holder, Plastic, Size D, Pack of 6 4 included
Battery, D-Cell 24 included
Beaker, Polypropylene, with Handle, 2,000 mL 1 included
Blade, Fan, Plastic, 4 in, Pack of 12 1 included
Bookend, Small, Nonslip Base 16 included
Bulb Socket, Pack of 30 1 included
Buzzer, Electric, 1.5-3.0 V, Pack of 12 1 included
C-Clamp, 3 in 8 included
Clamp Light with Reflector 8 included
Connector Wire with Alligator Clips, Black, 14 in, Pack of 40 2 included
Container, Plastic, Clear, 30 dram, Pack of 16 1 included
Container, Storage, Large, Red 2 included
Copper Strip, Pack of 16 5 included
Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate, 500 g 3 included
Cup, Plastic, 9 oz, Pack of 8 2 included
Cup, Styrofoam®, 8 oz, Pack of 25 1 included
Dowel, Wood, 1/2 x 6 in, Pack of 16 1 included
Generator, Hand-Operated 2 included
Hand Lens, Pack of 6 2 included
Holder, Clamp, V-Jaw, Small 2 included
K’NEX® Set, Electrical Energy and Circuit Design Water Wheel (makes 8 water wheel assemblies) 1 included
Knife Switch, Single Pole-Single Throw, Pack of 16 1 included
Lightbulb, 6 V, Pack of 10 1 included
Lightbulb, 72-W Eco, Soft White, Pack of 2 4 included
Lightbulb, Grain of Wheat, Pack of 20 1 included
Lightbulb, Mini, 2.5 V, Pack of 10 3 included
Lightbulb, Neon Glow, Pack of 10 1 included
Materials Kit, Electrostatics 4 included
MicroPump 104 1 included
Motor Pulley, with Nail, Pack of 2 4 included
Motor, Electric, with Leads, Pack of 12 1 included
Mount Set, Motor-Pulley, Pack of 2 Sets 4 included
Mount, Fan Motor 8 included
Mousetrap, Pack of 2 1 included
Pad, Styrofoam®, 1/2 x 8 x 8 in, Pack of 12 1 included
Paper, Blotter, #100, 9-1/2 x 11 in 5 included
Pie Tin, Aluminum, 9 in 9 included
Poster: Electrical Energy and Circuit Design 1 included
Rubber Band, #84, Pack of 4 1 included
Rubber Band, No. 32, Pack of 32 1 included
Screwdriver, Phillips Head, #1 1 included
Solar Cells with Leads, Pack of 5 2 included
Steel Wool Pad, Pack of 16 1 included
String, Supertwine, 200-ft Roll 2 included
Support Stand, with Rod, Small 2 included
Tinsel Strands, Metallic Silver, about 1 lb 1 included
Tote Tray, Plastic, Clear (16 x 11 x 6 in), with Lid 12 included
Tubing, Vinyl, Clear, 36 in 1 included
Voltmeter, Single Range, 0-5 V, DC 8 included
Washer, Flat, Zinc, 7/8 in, Pack of 16 4 included
Zinc Strip, Pack of 16 1 included
Investigating Circuit Design Student Guide 16 included
Investigating Circuit Design Teacher's Tools CD-ROM 1 included
Investigating Circuit Design Teacher's Edition 1 included
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