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  • Enhance Learning with Twig Using video in the classroom brings great benefits, and a few drawbacks. We’ll show you how to avoid the drawbacks and focus on the benefits using Twig, a world-class source for current, compelling science and math videos. Learn how Twig helps you engage students and enhance learning. View »
  • Twig Research Symposium Learning Strategy A learning strategy article on how to use Twig as apart of a research symposium. View »
  • Big Ideas in Evolution Made Simple—Cosmos and Yeast Respiration Help your students understand the Big Ideas in evolution through hands-on investigations and the 2014 TV series Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey. Science teacher Matthew Bostick presents background information, suggests several ideas for hands-on investigations, and offers follow-up questions to tie together some of the Big Ideas. View »
  • Science of Love: Oxytocin and Other Love Chemicals What is it about that special someone? What keeps people together long after the sparks start flying? We all have questions about love. And science has some of the answers. View »
  • Flipping the Safety Discussion and the Lab Work Flipped learning allows you to maximize class time and minimize repetition. Colorado teacher Jennifer Maze highlights the advantages of recording lab safety discussions. She offers sample videos and tips on getting started. View »
  • Summary of the Equation for the Magnitude of Centripetal Force Circular motion is covered in almost every physics class. This article steps you through the algebra-based derivation of the centripetal force equation. View »
  • Halobacteria in Space Want a glimpse from space? Watch this video to see our Halobacterium cultures being used for research! View »
  • Into the Wild With Carolina: Living Material Collection Carolina strives to put care into every aspect of the company, even the way we collect specimens. View »
  • Epigenetics II: DNA Methylation in Arabidopsis In Arabidopsis, a popular model organism for plant biologists, the homeotic gene Flowering Wageningen (FWA) controls flowering time. In the growing plant, DNA methylation silences both copies of the FWA gene, allowing the switch from vegetative growth to flowering. Read about epigenetic modifications and how to test for chemical changes to DNA that act as a developmental regulator in plants. View »
  • Making Scents of the World: Nobel Prize-Winning Research Dogs spend most of their lives with nose to the ground. The intensity of their olfactory surveillance leads us to think that the world must smell different to them than to us. Recent research on the molecular genetics of sensory receptors gives us a clue about why the world smells different to different creatures. View »
  • Differentiated Instruction Made Easier Differentiated instruction creates a learning environment that motivates students to learn and helps meet the diverse needs of individual students. Technology supports differentiated instruction and provides the opportunity to improve teaching and learning. We give you instructional strategies for differentiated instruction, plus resources to get started. View »
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cells in the Classroom Education will play a crucial role in the hydrogen economy of tomorrow, so it’s vital that, from an early age, students feel comfortable with the underlying principles of hydrogen technology. Plus, learning about fuel cells is the perfect gateway to exploring a whole range of science fundamentals. View »
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