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Carolina Kits 3D® Life Science Deluxe Bundle

(backordered: in stock 9/7/22)


Grades 9–12. The 30 life science kits in this bundle engage students in scientific and engineering practices while applying core ideas and crosscutting concepts—experiences that are key to thriving with the NGSS and phenomena-based learning. Students explore a variety of different topics from 4 broad content areas: From Molecules to Organisms, Ecosystems, Heredity, and Biological Evolution.

Each of the 30 kits contains sets of investigations, assessments, and digital resources to help your students make sense of phenomena as they build understanding of the core concepts in life science. Students think like scientists as they apply evidence gathered during the investigations to make claims surrounding driving questions, refining their claims and understanding as they progress.

This bundle contains instructional and lab materials to complete the 30 sets of investigations, excluding common classroom materials, like glassware, pencils, water, and balances. The digital resources include the complete teacher's manual, student guides, and supplementary digital resources.

Digital resources may include:

  • Setup, phenomena, or activity videos
  • Student pre-lab activities
  • Interactive digital lessons and simulations
  • Digital teacher's manual
  • Downloadable resources
  • Activity supplies spreadsheet

Note: Several kits include a voucher for prepaid delivery of perishable material later at your convenience. Contact us or return the voucher to request delivery of the perishables. Be sure to carefully plan the arrival of your perishables; Didinium will starve to death if not used within 1 day of receiving the culture.

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Shipping Information or Purchase Restrictions
  • Exclamation icon This item is sold and shipped to schools and businesses only. Not available to individuals or residential addresses. Visit our Login & Registration page to learn how to create a Login and link it to an approved school or business account. USDA or USDOT regulations restrict this item from shipping to these locations: Alabama, Arizona, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Vermont, Washington, Wisconsin. Residents of AK must apply for a permit from your state game and fish department to receive pond snails.
What’s Included:
  • 1 Planaria Regeneration Kit (with prepaid coupon) (item #132902)
  • 1 Group Behavior and Social Insects Kit (with prepaid coupon) (item #143725)
  • 1 Antibiotic Sensitivity Kit (with prepaid coupon) (item #154740)
  • 1 Wisconsin Fast Plants® 72-Hour Monohybrid Genetics Kit (item #158940)
  • 1 Chromosome Simulation 10-Station Kit (item #171100)
  • 1 Natural Selection Kit (item #171200)
  • 1 Evolution in Real Time: Bacteria and Antibiotic Resistance 8-Station Kit (with prepaid coupon) (item #171206)
  • 1 Modeling Population Genetics and Evolution Kit (item #187016)
  • 1 DNA Damage: Studying the Impact of UV Light 8-Station Kit (with prepaid coupon) (item #173608)
  • 1 Carolina STEM Challenge®: Biofuels Kit (item #180950)
  • 1 Oil Spill Bioremediation Kit (item #181324)
  • 1 Carrying Capacity and Algal Blooms Kit with Carolina® Spectroscopy Chambers (with prepaid coupon) (item #187015)
  • 1 Matter Cycling and Energy Transfer in Lake Ecosystems (with prepaid coupon) (item #187114)
  • 1 Food Chains and Energy Flow Kit (with prepaid coupon) (item #187104)
  • 1 Climate Patterns and Species Distribution Kit (with prepaid coupon) (item #187202)
  • 1 Endangered Species Kit (item #187206)
  • 1 Coliform Contamination Kit (with prepaid coupon) (item #187220)
  • 1 Changing Ecosystems Kit (item #187222)
  • 1 Succession in a Hay Infusion Kit (with prepaid coupon) (item #187224)
  • 1 Investigating Aerobic and Anaerobic Respiration in Yeast Beads Kit (item #202208)
  • 1 Food Nutrient Analysis Kit (item #202500)
  • 1 Algae Bead Photosynthesis Kit (with prepaid coupon) (item #206100)
  • 1 Homeostasis in Animals Kit (with prepaid coupon) (item #206210)
  • 1 Exploring Electrophoresis Using Forensic DNA Evidence Classroom Kit (item #211034)
  • 1 Genetic Kinship: Following the Globin Gene Through Time 8-Station Kit (item #211105)
  • 1 Modeling DNA to Protein 8-Station Kit (item #211183)
  • 1 Gene to Protein: Green Fluorescent Protein Necklace Kit (with prepaid coupon) (item #211555)
  • 1 Cladograms and Evolution Kit (item #221042)
  • 1 Carolina® Forensic Dissection Kit for a Class of 32 (item #221489)
  • 1 Modeling Kidney Function with Concentration Gradients and Selective Permeability Kit (item #695801)
  • 1 Carolina Kits 3D® Life Science Deluxe Digital Resources Bundle (1-year subscription)
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