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CliffsNotes® AP® Biology, 5th Edition

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Phillip E. Pack, PhD. 2017 (5th ed.). 414 pages. For students enrolled in AP® Biology or preparing for the AP® Exam in biology, this excellent resource gives a topic-by-topic look at what's on the exam, such as:

  • Chemistry of metabolic reactions
  • Structure and function of cells; cell division
  • Respiration, including the Krebs cycle, glycolysis, and mitochondria
  • Heredity, including crosses, dominance, and inheritance
  • Taxonomy, with a survey of the 5 kingdoms
  • Plants, including tissues, germination and development, and root and stem structures
  • Animal structure and function; reproduction and development

Also included is a review of 13 AP® Laboratory investigations, plus loads of illustrations, graphs, and tables. Sample questions and answers along with practice tests reinforce what was learned in areas such as molecular genetics, photosynthesis, and animal behavior. There are hints for answering the essay and multiple-choice sections, typical answers to free-response questions, a clear explanation of the exam format, a look at how exams are graded, and more. Soft cover.

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