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Life Science Multimedia Lessons for Interactive Whiteboards Set, Single User

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Grades 6-12. This set contains all 10 individual titles, each with a multimedia lesson and activities. Designed for multisensory learning, it's the perfect classroom resource for interactive whiteboards. It's also ideal for individual student instruction on any Windows®- or Macintosh®-compatible computer.

Key Features:
  • Virtual Lab Investigation-Students experiment, perform simulations, and draw conclusions
  • Custom Tool Bar-Users customize the lesson as they draw, write, and add arrows and text blocks to any screen
  • 10 Individual Lessons-Cells: Animal and Plant Cell Structure; Mitosis: Cell Growth and Division; Osmosis and Diffusion: Cell Transport; Protists: Pond Microlife; Meiosis; Photosynthesis and Respiration; Chromosomes, Genes, and DNA; Genetics: The Study of Heredity; Six Kingdoms of Life; and Food Chains and Food Webs.
These multimedia lessons consist of a digital, inquiry-based student activity guide and the following 5 modules:
  • Lesson Presentation-A series of narrated, visual presentations, each featuring highly detailed graphics and illuminating animations.
  • Interactive Activities-A variety of interactive activities, along with the Virtual Lab Investigation and lab activity guide, to engage your students in inquiry-based learning and allow them to apply the knowledge gained in other modules. Students also begin to build a foundation of knowledge and to understand key concepts.
  • Visual Resources-Additional images, as well as the individual graphics from the Lesson Presentation module, to easily customize presentations or activities to your teaching style.
  • Vocabulary-An image and clear definition of key vocabulary terms that can be shown or hidden to challenge your class. Or play audio of the terms and definitions to promote vocabulary development.
  • Assessment-A series of assessment/review questions that can be graded at the end of the assessment (quiz mode); used in a non-graded format for instant feedback (practice mode); or used by competing teams (play mode). Question types include multiple choice, true/false, fill in the blank, and matching.
Set includes the following 10 lessons:
  1. Cells: Animal and Plant Cell Structure
  2. Mitosis: Cell Growth and Division
  3. Osmosis and Diffusion: Cell Transport
  4. Protists: Pond Microlife
  5. Meiosis
  6. Photosynthesis and Respiration
  7. Chromosomes, Genes, and DNA
  8. Genetics: The Study of Heredity
  9. Six Kingdoms of Life
  10. Food Chains and Food Webs


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