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Enteric Biochemical Detective Kit (with Perishables)

Item # 154717P


This item will ship on or about 8/18/21
This kit introduces students to the use of biochemical characteristics for differentiating 4 closely related bacteria. Citrate utilization, hydrogen sulfide production, butanediol fermentation, and mixed acid fermentation tests are conducted to identify an unknown bacteria. Tests are completed in 5 days. Keep bacteria cultures, reagents, and agar at room temperature. Perishable cultures included. Enough materials for a class of 30.

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Product Families Featuring This Item:

Components Qty Included?
Citrobacter freundii agar slant culture Included
Enterobacter aerogenes agar slant culture Included
Escherichia coli agar slant culture Included
Serratia liquefaciens agar slant culture Included
Unknown bacteria agar slant culture (E. coli) Included
Tubes Kligler's iron agar 5 Included
Tubes Simmons citrate agar 5 Included
Tubes MR-VP broth 5 Included
Methyl Red Reagent Included
Barrit Reagent A Included
Barrit Reagent B Included
Sterile Test Tubes 5 Included
Sterile Serological Pipets (1 mL) 5 Included
Dropping Pipets (1 mL) 15 Included
Metal Inoculating Loop Included
Metal Inoculating Needle Included
Autoclave Disposal Bag Included
Teacher Instructions Included
37 ° C Incubator Needed, Not included

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