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Escherichia coli, K-12 Strain, Living, Nutrient Broth, Tube

Item # 155068

Genus and Species: Escherichia coli K–12
Domain: Prokaryote
Optimal Growth Medium: Nutrient Broth
Optimal Growth Temperature: 37° C
Package: Tube
Biosafety Level: 1
Gram Stain: Gram-Negative
Shape: Bacillus (rod-shaped)



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This culture is the K–12 strain of Escherichia coli. It is Gram−, motile rods, and cultured in nutrient broth at 37° C in a tube. Each culture contains enough material for a class of 30 students. Culture is guaranteed as to species and purity. Note: Tube contains about 5 mL of liquid bacteria.

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Item# 155068
Medium Nutrient Broth
Temperature 37° C
Gram Result ( - )

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