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Phenomena Videos from Building Blocks of Science™ 3D

Building Blocks of Science™ 3D Phenomena Videos

Use these phenomena videos to pique students’ interest and help them think more deeply about science in the world around them. After viewing a video, start a discussion about what students observed and what those observations now make them wonder.

Click on a unit title to play the 2- to 3-minute video.


Push, Pull, Go

Living Things and Their Needs

Weather and Sky

1st Grade

Light and Sound Waves


Exploring Organisms

Sky Watchers

2nd Grade



Ecosystem Diversity

Earth Materials

3rd Grade

Forces and Interactions

Life in Ecosystems

Weather and Climate Patterns

4th Grade

Energy Works

Plant and Animal Structures

Changing Earth

5th Grade

Structure and Properties of Matter

Matter and Energy in Ecosystems

Earth and Space Systems

More Phenomena Videos!

These videos offer unique, real-world phenomena that pique curiosity, promote student discourse, and inspire students to want to discover new things. Have students select their favorite phenomenon to research. Can they identify a similar example of this phenomenon in the real world?

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