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Biotechnology Kit©

(ships from manufacturer, est arrival 7/20/22)


3D Molecular Designs. Help your students achieve a better understanding of multiple biotechnology concepts, including diagnostics, forensics, and bacterial transformation, with this hands-on modeling kit. Using the kit's color-coded foam nucleotides and teacher-developed activities, students can:

  • Model polymerase chain reaction and how flanking primers result in the exponential amplification of a short product
  • Model the Sanger DNA sequencing method using chain-terminating fluorescent dideoxy nucleotide analogs
  • Model DNA cloning using restriction endonucleases to cut DNA at specific sequences

Kit equips 1 group of 4 students.


What’s Included:
  • 80 Red Adenosine Nucleotides
  • 80 Yellow Thymine Nucleotides
  • 80 Blue Cytosine Nucleotides
  • 80 Green Guanine Nucleotides
  • 72 Gray A Nucleotides
  • 72 Gray T Nucleotides
  • 72 Gray G Nucleotides
  • 72 Gray C Nucleotides
  • 8 Gray Dideoxy A Nucleotides
  • 8 Gray Dideoxy C Nucleotides
  • 8 Gray Dideoxy T Nucleotides
  • 8 Gray Dideoxy G Nucleotides
  • 32 Primer #1 Pieces
  • 7 Primer #2 Pieces
  • 18 Flags
  • 32 Dideoxy Stickers
  • 5 Membrane Sections
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