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Flu Fight: Immunity & Infection© Panorama Cellular Landscape Poster

(ships from manufacturer, est arrival 7/20/22)


Flu Fight: Immunity & Infection© is a stunning watercolor poster by scientist, author, and artist David Goodsell, PhD, that explores the molecular mechanisms that protect our bodies from influenza virus infection and the events that transpire when those defenses fail, and infection occurs. Dr. Goodsell creates cellular landscapes that accurately illustrate the size, shape, and distribution of proteins in their natural environment of the cell. These unique watercolor images connect the molecular world, inferred by X-ray crystallography and NMR spectroscopy, with the cellular world, observed by light and electron microscopy.

Influenza is a persistent health phenomenon that infects up to 10% of the human population (740 million people) each year. The cellular, watercolor landscapes featured in Flu Fight: Immunity & Infection© will take your students from infection of the ciliated epithelial cells that line the upper respiratory tract, through virus neutralization by antibodies in the mucosal barrier. Influenza—in the absence of antibodies—breaches the barrier and binds in the cell membrane before fusing with the endosomal membrane and finally releasing segmented viral RNA genome into the cytoplasm.

Illustrate your discussions about infectious disease and immunity with this beautiful, accurate panorama that identifies key proteins and other molecular structures and explains their functions. Size, 23 x 66".

Enhance your students' conceptual understanding of immunity and infection with the Antibody and Antigen Models (item #211159, sold separately) to actively simulate the antibody binding and specificity illustrated in the panorama.


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