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Making the Cut with CRISPR-Cas9© Set

(backordered: in stock 8/31/22)


3D Molecular Designs. Model how the Cas9 protein is programmed with RNA to search for and identify specific sequences of DNA before making the double-stranded cut. Explore and discuss how Cas9 is being engineered with new features that make it a useful tool for editing the human genome. Students can use the colorful foam pieces and placemat in this set to:

  • Build a schematic model of the CRISPR-Cas9 RNA-guided endonuclease, including the viral double-stranded DNA and dual guide RNA
  • Understand how the Cas9 protein binds to a specific sequence of viral double-stranded DNA at a PAM site—and cuts it
  • Demonstrate how that cut destroys viral genome and prevents the infection of bacteria
  • And more

Set equips 1 group of 4 students. Go to the 3D Molecular Designs website for additional resources: PDFs of Teacher Notes (an activity guide) to help you consider different ways to use the materials and additional resources to supplement or reinforce concepts presented in the classroom.


What’s Included:
  • 1 Foldable Placemat
  • 6 White Adhesive Cas9 Parts
  • 2 White Nuclease Parts
  • 5 Orange tracr RNA Pieces
  • 1 Black Spacer RNA Piece
  • 40 Red Adenine (A) DNA Nucleotides
  • 40 Yellow Thymine (T) DNA Nucleotides
  • 40 Green Guanine (G) DNA Nucleotides
  • 40 Blue Cytosine (C) DNA Nucleotides
  • 40 Purple RNA Nucleotides (10 each of A, U, G, and C)
  • 40 Tan RNA Nucleotides (10 each of A, U, G, and C)
  • 40 Blue RNA Nucleotides (10 each of A, U, G, and C)
  • 1 Gray Tetraloop
  • 1 Gray Cytosine Deanimase
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