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Carolina® Electrophoresis Equipment Package I, 220-V (International Use Only)

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  • Materials preselected for your class to save you time
  • Equipment for running 12 gels simultaneously

For international customers only. Perfect for use in AP® Biology and the ABC CORD curriculum. This package contains enough quality equipment to run 12 gels at 1 time, including:

  • 3 Carolina® NG Electrophoresis Power Supplies, 240-V (item #213705); unit will have a type B power plug and customer is responsible for obtaining a power plug adapter if needed
  • 6 Carolina® NG Electrophoresis Chambers (item #213641)
  • Disposable Wiretrol® II Micropipet Set (item #211156)
  • FOTODYNE® 220-V White Light Transilluminator (item #213722)

Not an expert in molecular biology? Not a problem. The package also includes the laboratory manual DNA Science: A First Course, with complete instructions on basic molecular techniques for educators trained in science but lacking a background in molecular biology.

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What’s Included:
  • 3 Carolina™ NG Electrophoresis Power Supplies, 240-V (item #213705)
  • 6 Carolina™ NG Electrophoresis Chambers (item #213641)
  • 1 Disposable Wiretrol® II Micropipet Set (item #211156)
  • 1 FOTODYNE® 220-V White Light Transilluminator (item #213722)
  • DNA Science: A First Course, 2nd Edition (item #212209)
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