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Deluxe Electrophoresis Equipment System, 220-V (international use only)

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This low-cost starter system is research quality. Includes the Enduro™ 300-V Power Supply, 230-V Unit (item #213691) and the Carolina® Deluxe Gel Electrophoresis Chamber (item #213710), plus all accessories to cast and run agarose gels. System is designed for DNA digest separations and is appropriate for RNA, protein, and enzyme separations. For international customers only.

Enduro™ 300-V Power Supply, 230-V Unit:
Compact, safe, and versatile, the Enduro™ power supply can operate in constant current or constant voltage mode with automatic crossover. The 4 color-coded terminals allow you to run multiple gels simultaneously. Safety features include detection of no load, overload, load change, and ground leaks. Parameters are digitally displayed on a large backlit LCD and easily set using the membrane keypad. Integral folding feet enable you to raise the power supply's front for better visibility. Operates in timed (1 min to 99 hr, 99 min) or continuous mode. Maximum output is 300 V or 500 mA (90 W total). Output ranges are 2 to 300 V adjustable in 1-V increments and 4 to 500 mA adjustable in 1-mA increments. Dimensions: 7-3/5" W x 9-9/10" D x 3-1/5" H. Wt, 2 lb, 14 oz. Input: switchable 120- or 230-V AC, 50/60 Hz. Comes with international power cord and 3-year manufacturer's warranty. CE/CSA® compliant.

Carolina® Deluxe Gel Electrophoresis Chamber:
Safety interlock lid prevents operation unless lid is securely in place. Features 1/4" durable acrylic construction. Includes heavy, nonwarping gel-casting tray, marked to assist in easy sample loading, and two 8-tooth combs for running 8 or 16 samples. Tray makes a gel 3-1/4" W x 3-3/4" L. With instructions.


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