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Painted Lady Butterfly Larvae Mini Cup Set, Living, Pack of 12

Item # 144026

Vanessa cardui. Ideal for individual student use. Two larvae are shipped in each 1-oz rearing chamber with food. Larvae pupate and emerge as adults in about 30 days. Set of twelve 1-oz containers. With instructions.



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Witnessing metamorphosis is an experience that students and children never forget! Twenty-four painted lady (Vanessa cardui) butterfly larvae are shipped in twelve 1-oz rearing chambers (2 larvae per chamber) with food. The larvae pupate and emerge as adult butterflies in about 30 days.

After the adults emerge, try breeding them. All you need is the proper host plant for the adults to lay eggs on. The mallow plant (item #144042) is the painted lady's natural host. Once your new generation of caterpillars hatches, they will be hungry, and the mallow plant is the perfect source of food for them. Set includes twelve 1-oz containers and care instructions for larvae.

  • This item contains living or perishable material and ships via 2nd Day or Overnight delivery to arrive on a date you specify during Checkout. To ensure freshness during shipping, a Living Materials Fee may apply to orders containing these items.
  • Painted lady butterflies cannot be released in CT, ND, and WA. Cannot be shipped into Puerto Rico.

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Living Organism Care Information

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