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Frame It All Monarch Migration Station

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The Pro Butterfly Nursery and Pro Butterfly Learning Center combine a greenhouse with a butterfly house to create an optimal ecosystem for attracting and housing monarchs. The greenhouse is easy to set up, with a unique, compact design perfect for small-space gardening. Five-year manufacturer warranty on raised bed, 3-year manufacturer warranty on roof and side walls.


The Monarch Migration Station: Pro Butterfly Nursery and Pro Butterfly Learning Center redefine what's possible in butterfly conservation. Start your butterfly garden early. The greenhouse roof can be used initially as a cold frame to help plants get a speedy start. Once your garden has grown, install the professional-grade Pro side walls and shield your oasis with the UV-protected roof. The greenhouse roof windows can be closed or opened to allow for incoming or outgoing travelers. Stepping into a butterfly house has never been more personal. Raised bed has a 5-year manufacturer warranty, greenhouse roof and side walls a 3-year manufacturer warranty. Pro Butterfly Nursery assembled size, 4 x 4 ft square. Pro Butterfly Learning Center assembled size, 8 x 7 ft in a hexagon shape. Butterflies are needed but not supplied.




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